Saturday, October 16, 2021

About the Pantry


Welcome, dear reader, to my pantry! It’s digital and you can’t borrow any sugar but instead, you can have some of my hard earned cooking knowledge, recipes, advice, and a good time. I can’t make you a cup of tea but I can recommend a great one to go with your favorite cookie. I might not be able to cut coupons with you but I can give you all my budget friendly advice.

This isn’t just a blog about cooking. It’s about living on a budget but wanting to eat well: For taste and for your health. You’ll see recipes that I’ve put together as well as tips on how to keep your own pantry stocked without breaking your budgets. If you are looking to eat better and treat your body well, I’ve got some information for that too.

But Who is Ana?

And why should you care what I have to say? Well, you don’t have to care but the whole blogging experience works better if you do! So, with that in mind, let me introduce myself. I am Ana. I am a twenty-something year old who has grown up around cooking. My mother cooked every night and was trained as a chef when she was younger. I was always surrounded by great food! But my mom also worked hard and supported 5 people, so I also have always known what it means to be “on a budget.” As I got older, my mother taught me how to cook, how to shop smart, and how to keep a well stocked kitchen. I’ve been living on my own for a few years living off shoestring budgets with boujee tastes thanks to my mom’s stellar cooking. I have had to figure out how to make my kitchen work on salaries don’t work without a few roommates!

On top of that, I have lost over 40lbs to get me to my current weight and I’m still going, so I’ve also got some advice on how to lose weight while still eating delicious food.

So that is me, dear reader! Welcome to my pantry. Let’s make some beautiful meals together!

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